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  • 2014 … Elephant Nature Park’s year in review


    The end of December is upon us. Another year has flown by so quickly. When your life revolves around elephants, you lose track of time. The days blend in to weeks and then months and before you know it, another year is gone. 2014 has ended very sadly for SEF and Elephant Nature Park with the […]

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  • Mae Keow joins Lily

    IMG_4858 2

    This evening, with heavy hearts – we said goodbye to Mae Keow. Over the past few days it was clear that she was losing her will to keep going. She spent more time laying down and when we tried to lift her with the harness and crane she did not seem to want to stand. […]

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  • Times of trouble for Mae Keow

    Mae Keow heads out to the tree shrine area in the morning.

    As we mentioned briefly on our SEF facebook page a little while back, Mae Keow, the third elephant Lek rescued back in 1998, is not doing so well. We were hoping to see improvement but sadly she has taken a turn for the worse. Mae Keow is around 55 years old and has always been […]

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