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  • The Sisterhood of the Sad Eyes

    Sad eyed sisters....

    Friday June 5th What began as a day filled with hope, turned out sad…   Tong Jaan, big sister of Faa Mai and daughter of Mae Bua Tong, gave birth to a stillborn bull calf at approximately midnight. She had shown signs of discomfort through out the day and ate intermittently. Her mother and Auntie […]

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  • A play date for our toddler trio!

    IMG_8164 2

    What a wonderful scene to behold! Oh, the joy of watching this play unfold!  From double trouble to triple trouble….. Who doesn’t love a baby elephant wrestling match?? Not often are two and a half year old Navann, two year old Dok Mai and almost two year old   Yindee able to play together. The reason for this? Because it […]

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  • A new life for an old lady – Jaidee’s fresh start

    Faa Sai plays 'keep away' with Jaidee.

    Jaidee was born around 1947. Her name means ‘Good heart’. She arrived to ENP in late January 2015, rescued from trekking. She originally came from the Surin province.   When old enough she began her career in logging – both legal and illegal – working in the far south of Thailand. When logging was banned […]

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