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Lek Chailert at Elephant Nature Park

Sangduen “Lek” Chailert

Founder – Save Elephant Foundation

When Lek was a young child, growing up in a jungle village of northern Thailand, her family received an elephant as a gift and it quickly became an integral and important part of the family. As a teenager, Lek witnessed the cruelty towards these wonderful animals, and ever since, she has dedicated her life to rescuing and protecting them.

She strongly believes that every being, human and animal, deserves our respect. It is this belief that motivates Lek and the staff who work beside her at the Save Elephant Foundation. One project at a time, she’s working hard to make Thailand, and the world, and better place.

Her nickname, Lek, means “small” in Thai and when you meet her in person, you’ll understand it’s because of her physical size, as it’s obvious her presence and capacity for caring is anything but!

Pom - Operations Manager - Elephant Nature Park


Operations Manager, Elephant Nature Park

Day in and day out, Pom oversees all aspects of Elephant Nature Park and ensures that everything flows smoothly. From managing payroll of more than 100 employees to making sure that visitors and volunteers are safe, she quietly goes about her business from her picnic table.

Pom has been a lifelong friend of Lek’s, and has been an essential part of Elephant Nature Park’s success. She leads volunteers on overnight trips to Elephant Haven, telling elephant stories by the campfire. At bathtime, you’ll often see her standing on the sidelines, watching over the elephants that have clearly adopted her as one of the herd.

Patty - Office Manager - Save Elephant Foundation


Office Manager, Save Elephant Foundation

Always happy to see our guests, Patty is a friendly face at Save Elephant Foundation. She works hard to ensure that the office runs smoothly, which can be quite the difficult task when you never know when the next litter of puppies (or pigs!) will be rescued next.

Patty has worked alongside Lek for over a decade, believing strongly in the foundation’s mission. Any time you have a question, Patty will be sure to know the answer!

Elephant Nature Park - Mahouts


Elephant Nature Park

The mahouts at Elephant Nature Park are definitely some of the most loving elephant caretakers in the world! Using only positive reinforcement, they supply tons of food and love to reward good behavior, while ignoring the trouble elephants can find themselves in. The commitment, respect and dedication our mahouts have to the elephants of our herd help make Elephant Nature Park a world-class sanctuary.

Find our mahouts on Facebook, and keep up to date with what they’re up to! Like the Mahouts today!

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