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The Sisterhood of the Sad Eyes

Sad eyed sisters....

Friday June 5th What began as a day filled with hope, turned out sad…   Tong Jaan, big sister of Faa Mai and daughter of Mae Bua Tong, gave birth to a stillborn bull calf at approximately midnight. She had shown signs of discomfort through out the day and ate intermittently. Her mother and Auntie […]

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A play date for our toddler trio!

IMG_8164 2

What a wonderful scene to behold! Oh, the joy of watching this play unfold!  From double trouble to triple trouble….. Who doesn’t love a baby elephant wrestling match?? Not often are two and a half year old Navann, two year old Dok Mai and almost two year old   Yindee able to play together. The reason for this? Because it […]

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A new life for an old lady – Jaidee’s fresh start

Faa Sai plays 'keep away' with Jaidee.

Jaidee was born around 1947. Her name means ‘Good heart’. She arrived to ENP in late January 2015, rescued from trekking. She originally came from the Surin province.   When old enough she began her career in logging – both legal and illegal – working in the far south of Thailand. When logging was banned […]

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Resurrected – a ghost brought back to life…


On the second of February 2015 after a 20 hour truck ride, a rickety shadow of an elephant arrived to Elephant Nature Park. There have been numerous elephants rescued since the founding of ENP back in 1995, many arriving in dreadful condition – But – rarely have we encountered an elephant as emaciated as she […]

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Sook Sai settles in

IMG_4598 2

After a long truck ride from the Surin province, on January 17th a very worn out fifty year old elephant stepped off the truck at ENP, yet unaware that her well deserved retirement had finally begun. She has been renamed Sook Sai which means ‘pure happiness’. Originally from Mae Sariang and Karen hill tribe owners, […]

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From fear to FREEDOM: Saree’s story

Seree with Khun Dej.

Imagine … Being torn from your mother’s side, both of you fighting against your oppressors with every ounce of your strength. Though she does not have to kill to feed you, your mother would kill to protect you – or give her own life. This is the moment she most dreaded.   You were yet unaware […]

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2014 … Elephant Nature Park’s year in review


The end of December is upon us. Another year has flown by so quickly. When your life revolves around elephants, you lose track of time. The days blend in to weeks and then months and before you know it, another year is gone. 2014 has ended very sadly for SEF and Elephant Nature Park with the […]

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Mae Keow joins Lily

IMG_4858 2

This evening, with heavy hearts – we said goodbye to Mae Keow. Over the past few days it was clear that she was losing her will to keep going. She spent more time laying down and when we tried to lift her with the harness and crane she did not seem to want to stand. […]

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Times of trouble for Mae Keow

Mae Keow heads out to the tree shrine area in the morning.

As we mentioned briefly on our SEF facebook page a little while back, Mae Keow, the third elephant Lek rescued back in 1998, is not doing so well. We were hoping to see improvement but sadly she has taken a turn for the worse. Mae Keow is around 55 years old and has always been […]

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An Elephant’s Best Friend – Patee Bpae Tru

The feeling is mutual...

(A mahout is a person who rides an elephant. The word mahout comes from the Hindi words mahaut and mahavat, which eventually goes back to Sanskrit mahamatra. Usually, a mahout starts as a boy in the ‘family profession’ when he is assigned an elephant early in it’s life. They remain bonded to each other throughout […]

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An In-Depth Look at Surin Project

Bathing elephants at the Surin Project

We get asked a lot for more details about our Surin Project and how it differs from Elephant Nature Park and other volunteer programs. If you are looking for a way to volunteer in Thailand, Surin Project is a fantastic opportunity to spend time with elephants and learn about the intricacies of elephant tourism. Today, […]

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We March because they Matter


It was a busy and exciting weekend here at Elephant Nature Park with World Animal Day and the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos on Saturday October 4th. The Park was a hub of activity as staff and volunteers created signs and banners in preparation for the momentous occasion. It felt wonderful and important to […]

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The Rescue of Tubtim

IMG_9389 2

Born Again … Mae Suk Becomes Tubtim Almost every elephant who begins their new life at Elephant Nature Park starts it with a new name. The reason for this is to leave all memories of their painful, exploitative pasts in the past. We want them to truly begin anew, looking forward with no remnants of […]

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Mae Bua Kham Becomes a Nanny


Here at Elephant Nature Park, wonders never cease! It is impossible to not get totally sucked in by our ongoing elephant soap opera. With each day, there are amazing interactions happening and endless possibilities for new alliances. Our latest development is most wonderful and surprising. We have quite a few “old ladies” at ENP. Most […]

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Green Hill Valley: responsible elephant tourism in Myanmar

Staff at Green Hill Valley

Sharing knowledge and encouragement across the border Many of our visitors and volunteers ask us if there are other places where they might see elephants where there is no riding or elephant show involved. Save Elephant Foundation (SEF) is always on the look-out for elephant projects within Thailand and in neighboring countries that we can suggest […]

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5 Reasons to Volunteer Now at Elephant Sanctuary Cambodia

Volunteer at the Elephant Sanctuary Cambodia

Are you in the midst of planning your SE Asia holiday? Or, have you always dreamed of coming to the region and helping out Save Elephant Foundation? If so, we’d like to introduce you to the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary and, within its grounds, Elephant Sanctuary Cambodia. This protected area is located about an hour from Siem […]

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The Land Mine that Created a Blessing From Heaven

Warning_ this image is graphic in

Three years ago at this very moment, a young female elephant had finished a hard day’s work and was foraging in the jungles of Burma (now known as Myanmar) not far from the Thai border. In fact, she was a Thai elephant. She came from a remote area deep in the mountains where there is […]

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5 Reasons to Book Your Volunteer Vacation to Surin Project Today

Elephants at the Surin Project

Surin Project, located in the Surin Province of Thailand (about three hours from Siem Reap, Cambodia and six hours from Bangkok), in an ancient Kui village, is a volunteer experience like none other. The project, which is located within the Surin Elephant Study Center, aims to give elephants and mahouts there a better life. For […]

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Rescued Elephant Joins Pamper a Pachyderm

Pamper a Pachyderm rescue elephant

Congratulations to Muoy, host of Pamper a Pachyderm! She has rescued her first elephant. As we mentioned in our last Pamper a Pachyderm update, the elephants that Muoy previously leased had been taken back by their owners. Being successful, the program was booked for weeks in advance so there was not time to wait to […]

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The days of elephant’s lives … the latest gossip from ENP

Jokia and Dani

Tilly was rescued in early March 2011 and just passed her three-year anniversary of life at ENP. She and Mae Kham Puan had been spending lots of time in the ENP jungle behind the mahout village, enjoying the bounty that nature provides. As the dry season progressed, there was less and less to eat, so […]

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