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Baby Elephants with EEHV Treatment

Baby Elephants with EEHV Treatment




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Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpesvirus (EEHV)

EEHV is the leading cause of death for young elephants in captivity. Once they show symptoms of feeling unwell, it is often too late. Once the fever shows, there is normally only 12-24 hours before the elephant dies.

The treatment includes anti viral drugs and we have a supplier in the USA.

IMG_8158-2Currently we are focused on raising enough funds for Navann who has tested positive for this virus and we are mindful that other young elephants may become infected despite our best efforts to isolate and prevent the spread of this deadly virus.

The best course of action is to discover the virus before the elephant shows signs and we are routinely monitoring temperatures and running blood tests.

A 6 week treatment for a Navann will cost approximately $13,000.

Dosage depends on weight so we are quite concerned about the slightly older and larger young elephants who will require a higher (more expensive) dosage.

We would like your assistance to raise the necessary funds for Navann and if in the mean time, other elephants also develop signs of infection, we will then need to react to their treatments and therefore raise more money accordingly.



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  1. Following the birth of another beautiful baby born at ENP. I have split the funds raised from sales of t-shirts, “I’d rather be shovelling Elephant poo… at ENP”, between Baby Elephants with EEHV Treatment and Elephant Care. Thank yous go to everyone who purchased a t-shirt.

    Looking forward to returning and doing more to help.

  2. So great to have such this kind of fundation
    It is very important to have this association to be a real support to help baby elephant
    Thank you

  3. won £100 on a scratchcard – so happy to give a $100 donation – keep up the good work and lets hope he never needs the treatment. I can remember shovelling poo at ENP such a great place

  4. Finally have some spare cash to donate to this wonderful venture. Gives me great joy and hope each day I read about the Elephants of Leks Sanctuary. Its also Brilliant that Lek can teach others to have retired Elephants with out hooks etc and to live a free life after logging for way too many years. Thank you .. When I have more I will continue to help. ..Dinah

  5. I just made a donation of $100.00 US for the baby elephants. How will I know that my donation was processed? I also bought a t-shirt separately and received a confirmation for the order. If I need to redo the donation, please let me know.
    Thank you.

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  7. My favorite elephant is Navann! Wanted to donate for his care in celebration of my
    Birthday this week! Hoping he gets well quickly!!

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