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Elephant Care

Elephant Care




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With your support, we are able to:

  • feed our elephant herds a healthy diet
  • provide them with the best veterinary care
  • construct chain-free enclosures so they can have a future of roaming 24 hours per day

Donors in the U.S. may make tax-deductible donations to our partner, The Serengeti Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity.

Save Elephant Foundation is officially registered as a non-profit foundation in Thailand. As such, we are legally required to remain 100% financially transparent with the federal government. Below are the foundation’s certificates of registration:

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  1. I have just made a donation of the funds raised with the t-shirts , “I’d rather be shovelling Elephant Poo… at ENP”, thanks go to everyone that bought one.

    Amazing work done at the Elephant Nature Park, can’t wait to return and help some more.

  2. I spent a day at the sanctuary in July and i was blown away! The day was unforgettable and a truly amazing experience! You could really see how relaxed the elephants, along with all the other animals, were! The staff that work there are amazing people and the woman who took us around, I think her name was Aeh if I remember right, was a beautiful and kind person. I hope to return to the sanctuary in the near future and possibly volunteer, but for now I hope my donation will help in some way! The work done here if inspirational.

  3. I only wish I had more money to donate to this most precious cause. All the best to you and your efforts to help these most magnificent creatures.

  4. I saw a moving video this evening that made the news of Darrick in the river and Kham Lha came to his “rescue” as she thought he was in trouble. Just so amazing to these other living creatures with so much love – made my night!

  5. I’ve just watched Lost LeBlanc vlog on YT about the poor animals and was so moved I decided to help. So happy to support one of the beautiful creatures, Fah Sai, who is my age… I hope to visit her and the others one day. A beautiful initiative! ♡

  6. Please buy tamarind for the elephants at ENP and salted tamarind for Mae Jan Peng because she loves it. <3

  7. I have donated 200 for Milk formula for Myanmar baby elephants according to Lek’s post dated March 20. Thank you

  8. Lek, I just donated $100 US to help with the milk formula needed for the starving baby elephants that you visit in Myanmar. Thank you for all you do. My week at the Elephant Nature Park last year was amazing and we’ll be back next year to help again.

  9. I just donated for the little elephants that needed formula milk. I hope they get better and thank you for saving them!!

  10. I donated today because I read the Dodo article on Eyeyarmay and two other starving baby elephants in an orphanage in Myanmar. 😿 I would like my donation to go towards milk for these poor babies. I send my love and prayers for their quick recovery and happy futures. ❤🐘❤
    Thank you for helping save all these elephantsbin your sanctuaries. ❤🐘❤

  11. I just donated to help buy milk for the orphaned elephants at Myanmar. Thank you for all of the care and love you give these beautiful animals.

  12. I have donated today on behalf of Melissa de Santis who has seen first hand the great effort that Lek has made with elephant conservation. This donation is for the Myanmar effort to give the babies the correct milk formula they need to help them survive. Keep up the good work

  13. Hi. I have some donation to the orphaned elephants in Myanmar. I know its not much but please let us know again how much ur target is. Its so heartbreaking to watch the babies so small and growing without their mothers.. Im afraid that they not gonna last.. I wish DSWT can take care of them.. but its so far away, does it possible to transport them?

  14. This donation is in Julie K’s honor. She is a beautiful person who loves all animals, especially elephants!

  15. The donation I have made is on behalf of Bec who loves these elephants and the Elephant Nature Park with all of her heart.

  16. Proud to help your cause on Giving Tuesday from the USA. We keep praying that Trump upholds the ban on trophy imports.

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