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Land Purchase

Land Purchase




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One of the major threats facing Asian elephants is the loss of their habitat. With your help, Save Elephant Foundation is able to purchase land to preserve it from future development, as well as giving rescued elephants more space to roam.

Donors in the U.S. may make tax-deductible donations to our partner, The Serengeti Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity.

Save Elephant Foundation is officially registered as a non-profit foundation in Thailand. As such, we are legally required to remain 100% financially transparent with the federal government. Below are the foundation’s certificates of registration:

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  1. Love everything you do and will always support and donate. Keep up the fantstic work. Respect to all the staff and vollunteers

  2. I would pay more if i could afford it . If i won the lotto id buy all the land you needed and the elephants to fill that land . Trust and love all you do for animals and especially the communities and education. Keep on keeping on. Love and respect

  3. I love what you all do, because you make things happen. Good things. Not just signatures, or adoption packs with glossy magazines, or expensive adverts. Good stuff, to the elephants and all around them. Bless you.

  4. This is Sam Waldron, Jane Waldron’s big Bro. I am donating this on her behalf. The money was supposed to be for an elephant ride/experience in Thailand, she found out about what was happening and decided to donate the money to, good work people keep it up and my little sister is Awesome and Super Kind. Peace

  5. I can’t afford much but just wanted to donate to your wonderful cause having seen you on a BBC documentary 🙂

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