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Purpose of the role

The role of an Elephant Ambassador with Save Elephant Foundation is crucial to supporting us to raise awareness of the plight of Asian elephants. Ambassadors will work as the eyes and ears for elephants around the world.

As an Ambassador you will educate your community through various means and create a movement to raise the profile of the plight of the Asian elephant. Ambassadors will take a multifaceted approach to raise awareness such as lobbying local government, approaching travel agents and supporting events to raise awareness.

Requirements of an Elephant Ambassador

  • Must be a previous volunteer at one of our projects under Save Elephant Foundation
  • Able to voice for elephants using tact and diplomacy
  • Not use the role for personal or financial gain (we do not endorse any fundraising for Save Elephant Foundation or associated projects)
  • Not to use the role to attack others or create campaigns of hate against individuals or organisations. We believe that change can be positively influenced by working in conjunction with other organisations.
  • Use your voice to highlight and educate others about abuse and exploitation of elephants – not compare our foundation/project to other facilities
  • Willingness to share your advocacy work within our online community

What you can expect from us

Ambassadors will be supported by the Save Elephant Foundation team and our global network of Ambassadors. You will be invited to join an online community to share ideas and be inspired by our current Ambassadors. Save Elephant Foundation will provide Ambassadors with merchandise to support their work.

The most active Ambassadors will be rewarded with a free stay at one of our projects under Save Elephant Foundation. Ambassadors will be expected to provide detailed evidence of their work to the Foundation to support this decision.


If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador please use the form below.

Privacy Policy

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