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Care for Elephants

Care for ElephantsBuilding trust with elephants can be a long difficult process, especially when they have spent their lives being controlled by humans. With continuous love and care, we hope to show our elephants that they are now safe and no longer need to fear pain or punishment.

At Care for Elephants the elephants can roam through the jungle receiving plenty of fruit treats and lots of affection. As time goes by, the elephants will become more confident and learn that they are now safe and free to act naturally. With their devoted new mahouts by their side, these elephants receive love and affection everyday.

Another good program now begins at the camp opposite of our Park called the Elephant Care program. This program is run under our supervision and consultation. The project is being run by the local villager there, to take the elephant out of riding. The visitor will spend all day long to walk with the elephant, to forage, swim and play in the river and roll in the mud. If you want to spend all day long with the elephant, to help rehab them and bring them to roam free, please come to support this good program.

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  1. Hello!
    I’m very interested in the Welfare of the animals since my childhood.
    I am particularly fascinated by Elephants.
    I wish to volunteer for this cause.
    I have searched for information about the conditions to do so on your site but with no result.
    I don’t have the financial means to donate but I have my time to invest….!!
    Could you please get back to me with the appropriate information about volunteering and, of course I am more than willing to fill out any questions aabout me and my background.

    Thank you for time.
    Sincerely yours
    Ms. Arti Mathur

    1. Hello Arti, I wrote a message very similar to yours. Did you hear back from them? Is there a way to participate?

    2. Arti, many of us are NOT wealthy- However, Elephant Nature Park get volunteer visitors from all over the globe,
      their prices for accommodations plus meals – is VERY reasonable- I am currently saving money by WORKING an extra job – We all have to make sacrifices
      to get what we want – ENP has 90 elephants to FEED and provide Vet care to, they also have several hundred dogs to care for and feed twice a day,
      plus 150 water buffalo, monkeys, cats, cattle, Food alone is very costly,
      they also have qualified staff to pay, they also built a local school for the Karin people –
      the cost of operating is very , very expensive,
      every volunteer has to PAY to volunteer, its nothing new –
      if they let one or two in with out paying, its NOT fair of right for those like myself who is working two jobs to afford her 2 weeks in Thailand in 2017
      these are hard times for many, But if you want some thing bad enough you work hard for it,

  2. I too would like to invest myself to the organization. I do not have money to offer, but I would like to volunteer my services for about a year.
    This would be a most important aspect of life to me.

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