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General Donation

General Donation




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Donations to the Save Elephant Foundation help to provide:

  • healthy environment for all our animals
  • purchase new land so we can expand our projects
  • maintain & develop physical structures
  • repair or create new paths, roads or hard standings
  • support local communities
  • manage the day-to-day operations of the foundation

Donors in the U.S. may make tax-deductible donations to our partner, The Serengeti Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity.

Save Elephant Foundation is officially registered as a non-profit foundation in Thailand. As such, we are legally required to remain 100% financially transparent with the federal government. Below are the foundation’s certificates of registration:

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  1. In memory of Mae Perm. Sent with love for Jokia and with great appreciation for all the good work that you do at ENP.

    1. $50.00 donation from the Soto’s on behalf of Emily Emnsinger. You’re caring, loving, and an amazing human being. The passion and dedication towards animal life makes us love you more. Keep fighting towards your goal, one elephant at a time.

    2. I would like to offer my condolences in the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. US President Barack Obama described the king as a man of “grace and warmth.” The King ascended to the throne 70 years ago, making him the world’s longest-reigning monarch before his death. He was most beloved in Thailand and I’m sure he will missed. I am very sorry for your loss.

  2. In memory of Mae Perm and with love to Jokia, hoping she finds another friend to help her get around and be happy. Thanks to Elephant Nature Park and for the wonderful work they do there. I am humbled by your dedication and selflessness.

    Thank you.

  3. Hi this donation was made in Memory of Melanie Richmond, by Teri Currie and the Canadian Personal Banking Team at TD Bank. Melanie was planning to visit and volunteer at your sanctuary in May of this year

  4. After spending the day at Elephant Nature Park, I fell in love with these beautiful creatures.
    I’ve decided to donate monthly to do my part in helping to raise awareness and help preserve the elephant population. Thank you for the work you do.

  5. $100 Donation from WE Communications on behalf of our employee Hannah Garratt who will be volunteering the Elephant Nature Park in May 2016 to celebrate her birthday. With utmost respect for the work you do to care for the Earth’s beloved Elephants. Carry on!

  6. A truly wonderful place for elephants to be – visited once and my heart left a little bit with you forever – changed my life forever x 🙂 x

  7. We visited the Elephant Nature Park in Jan 2016, where we met darling Mae Perm & her friend, Jokia, and so many other rescued, happy elephants.
    We were so sorry to hear of Mae Perm’s passing, yet happy that she lived so many joyous years at ENP

    ENP is a wonderful & inspiring place, which restores our faith in the human race. We hope to see the day when tourists will be responsible enough to learn not to ride elephants & perpetuate the cruelty that these majestic creatures endure for humans’ thrills. Lek you are an inspiration to us all.

  8. This donation was made in memory of Hanako. RIP Hanako. Elephants are very social animals building relationships that last their whole lives. May Hanako now walk in endless plains of grass and meet the many pachyderms that have gone before her.

    Continue to do the good work you do ENP. May there never be another like Hanako again…

  9. I was very very sad to read about that poor beautiful elephant that passed after being tortured for 60 years It is a blessing for her that she’s gone and doesn’t have to suffer any more Im sure she’s in elephant heaven living the life she was supposed to have I hope that terrible zoo is closed down soon and all the poor suffering animals are taken to loving sanctuarys I’m praying for this I’ll send more money next month

    1. I hear you completely my friend and I couldn’t agree more. I just wish more people thought like all of us and used their money to help the world instead of using it on silly material things they don’t need.

  10. In memory of Hanako who was imprisoned all her life and died yesterday. RIP Hanako. All we can do now is raise as much awareness as possible for elephants like you in similar conditions, but save their lives this time!! Lets save our elephants on earth!

  11. My donation is in memory of beautiful Hanako and the blessing that she roams free and happy in the next life as she should have in this one- I really hope that my donation can help bring awareness to other elephants in similar situations and have them roam free as they should. Thank you for all the work you do ❤️🐘❤️🐘

  12. apparently i am the only person who has trouble donating, i would like to visit both the chaing mai and kanchaniburi locations but no matter how many times i ask for a address all i get are thai maps or links that dont answer my question.
    if someone has the time i would really appreciate some help,like the address of the nature park in kanchaniburi and what is the physical address and name that the donation needs to be sent to, thank you in advance
    joe enos

  13. I wish i could give more but i am a low income. but i want to thank you for your love and care of these beautiful creatures

  14. A $50.00 donation on behalf of The Soto’s to Emily Emnsinger, one of the most amazing human beings we have ever met. Your love and dedication to animals helps make the world a better place. Thank you for being you and volunteering to such wonderful causes. XO

  15. In memory of Mae Perm. Praying Jokia is doing better and found a new friend. God bless you all for the kindness you show the animals at ENP. I hope to visit and volunteer at your sanctuary one day.

  16. Happy World Elephant Day! A $5,000 donation from us for all of your hard work. Keep up the awesome job!

  17. My wife Heleen has asked for her 60th anniversary no presents but money for the elephants. All our friends, family and neighbours had brought together the amazing amount of $1000. This year we gone a spend our holiday for the third time in ENP.

  18. Happy Birthday Lek! Thank you for all your doing for the ele & animals!! Hoping to visit you & ENP in 2017!! & Wishing that all your dreams and aspirations come true!!! 🙂

  19. Happy Birthday Lek! Thank you for all your doing for the ele & animals!! Hoping to visit you & ENP in 2017!! & Wishing all your dreams and aspirations come true!!! 🙂

  20. $200 donation made on behalf of Ivanna Salehudin, who cares deeply about this cause. Lots of love from Vinnie and Gem xx

  21. This recent monthly donation agreement is for all the wonderful animals living at ENP. This is my “10th anniversary” knowing your park and I must say my life has a “before and an after” when it comes to having faith in good people and successful projects. I send a special elephant hug to my beloved “little boys” who are not so little anymore, Hope and Jungle Boy.

  22. My donation goes to where ever it needs to be. I had the privilege to volunteer at Elephant Haven in Kanchaniburi and those six beautiful elephants changed my life. I hope my donation can help change theirs and all of the future elephants that continue to be brought to freedom

  23. Lek, I think you’re a beautiful human being and a beautiful soul. With my donation I hope to help your endeavors to save as many elephants as possible. I’d like to share this merit with my girlfriend Rinlaphat who inspires me on a daily basis by teaching me the ways of Buddha.

  24. My donation is to help all elephants who are used for trekking. We heard about their poor treatment whilst staying on Koh Lanta and decided to do the trek on foot. The trek was over the road from our hotel. However we still witnessed cruelty and felt at a loss as to what we could do to help. This way I feel I’ve done something. Personally I would like to see all cruelty of this kind stopped. I wish you luck in your work. Thank you.

  25. Donated after seeing sad image of baby elephant chained at feet in Thailand on the video production by travelers on the SV Delos. Thanks SV Delos for the information and websute.

  26. Thank you for your work.
    I visited Thailand 2 years ago, and I saw several of elephants beeing “slaved” around for the amusements of other tourists. I felt sick, and saw that the elephants did not have good life, so it’s good to see that people like you exist trying to make it better for them. <3

  27. I donated $50.00 for Eyeyarmay and the other 2 orphans at the Myanmar elephant orphanage which is new, for elephant formula. Please forward the $ or milk formula purchase to them. There was not an option for this specific donation, so I did a general donation. I am writing this so my intent is realized.

  28. $100 for the milk of the babies in Myanmar who are in such great need. With LOVE and much hope that they survive.

  29. My donation was for the milk replacer for the orphaned baby elephants in Myanmar. I wasn’t sure which category to choose.

  30. This donation is for the babies elephants starving in the Myanmar orphanage, i hope Mrs LEK wil succeed to help them and we’ll get good news.
    I was in contact with Grober but it’s difficult and expensive for me to order and deliver the milk boxes from France to Myanmar, sorry.
    If a special Gofundme is planned, just let us know how we, elephants lovers all around the world, can help.
    Kind regards

  31. In honor of Kim O’Grady, my wife, being my constant companion for 14 years, I thought I would make a donation to help protect ivory. I am very happy to see that you also have a sanctuary in Cambodia, a place dear to our hearts.

  32. This donation is on behalf of my wonderful, animal – loving Mother who has taught all of her children to respect and love nature. I visited the park many years ago when I was newly married and I hope to bring my 3 children in the near future to see the incredible work you are doing and to be as inspired as I was by the beautiful herd of elephants who are lucky enough to call the sanctuary home.

  33. Let you are a living Angel, may God continue to bless you with good health to carry on your wonderful work.

  34. Larry and I donated to the Save Elephant Donation in honor of Tali’s 30th birthday. She and her husband, Josh, visited the elephant park when in Thailand on their honeymoon. They were impressed with this elephant park!!

  35. $400 USD donation raised through performing a musical concert at my local church. Very excited to be visiting one the sanctuaries with Camp Thailand in September. Absolutely love elephants! I hope it helps a little towards the incredible work you do.

  36. Dear Lek this 200 dollars donation to help for elephant orphanage Myanmar, milk, teats…anything necessary, with love, Sylvie

  37. Donating in memory of my grandma Patricia Lin who was the biggest lover of animals. I visited last year and had the privilege of spending a day beautiful elephants at the Karen experience. Keep up the amazing work!

  38. Don de 300$ pour cette femme qui se bat pour les éléphants d’asies maltraitée par ces maîtres bûcherons ( les cornecs).
    Les éléphants sont si intelligents.

  39. elephants are wonderful, and so smart, can’t understand why anyone would want to harm, kill them. keep up the good work.

  40. Hello my friends, please consider this 200 dollars donation for the therapy pool needed for Dahla, Khundej, Kabu and others injured elephants (Darrick’s post november 22nd…LOVE YOU ALL

  41. This donation is to help you build the hydrotherapy pool and for all those beautiful elephants that I know will find so much healing comfort within it. I can’t wait to see the finished result in June 2018 when I come back to ENP for the Surin project. Love everything you do there at ENP Lek, Darrick and your amazing herd of helpers. xox

  42. We have made a donation on behalf of our wedding guests. We decided to make a donation to ENP in lieu of traditional bonbonniere. I was lucky enough to volunteer there for a week earlier this year and I know they are amazing and can use all the help they can get, I hope our donation helps. With Love to all staff and elephants!

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