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Elephant Haven

Here at Save Elephant Foundation we have been waiting patiently and hopefully for years for this transition to begin…

At last, the waiting is over!


The most recent development is a very exciting one, with one of the biggest elephant camps in Thailand, Sai Yoke Elephant Camp in Kanchanaburi deciding to convert. The new name will be Elephant Haven. From now on the hooks, riding and elephants shows will be a thing of the past. The only ‘show’ will be the elephant’s natural behaviour – mud and dust bathing, scratching on trees, socializing and walking through the jungle.

It is time now to take the chain and saddle off of the elephants. It’s now time to provide an elephant haven for them with no riding. Walk together to the green fields, roam free, play in the mud, eat well and swim in the deep river.

39507It is time to retire them from their labors, young or old, and say goodbye to being ridden. It is time for people to come to treat them with respect.

Join the elephants as they roam freely enjoying their retirement and behave naturally in their own habitat.

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