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Karen Elephant Experience

Karen elephant _1278For more than 20 years, Karen tribes have rented their elephants to Elephant Camps. After the ban of logging in Thailand in 1989, the Karen tribes lost their sources of income as were forced to lease out their elephants.

After seeing other Elephant owners change their way of caring for their Elephants, a group of Elephant owners in Mae Wang area, just south of Chiang Mai city, have agreed to stop renting their Elephants to the trekking industry and have committed to care for the Elephants at their homes with the support of Save Elephant Foundation and forget the trekking chairs.

Now, the elephants have returned to their village where their owners are committed to caring for them in the best possible way.Removing the saddles and leaving the hooks behind, these elephants are now in the jungle by their villages where they can reconnect with the Karen hill tribe and their natural environment.

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