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Sunshine for Elephants

Sunshine 1A nearby elephant came that previously provided elephant riding and trekking has now agreed to take a new approach to animal conservation and allow their elephants to live in a more natural environment, rather than being ridden everyday.

We are very happy to welcome this new approach and wish to share this experience with you.

The elephants at our Sunshine for Elephants program enjoy their days roaming through the jungle, foraging through the trees, swimming in the river and basking in the sunlight. Since being released from their lives in the saddle the elephants can now spend their days together in their own environment behaving naturally. Guests are even able to share this special time with them.

Observe the elephants as they walk through the forest and splash around in the water. Not only can you take part in the elephants daily lives by feeding and bathing them, you can also assist us as we help to reforest the area by planting trees and tying blessed scarves around those that are already there. Enjoy your day with the elephants and also protect their home while observing the joy and beauty of free elephants no longer forced to work.

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