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Thailand Cares

Thailand Cares aims to support local hill tribe communities of northern Thailand by improving all aspects of everyday life. The project provides opportunities for children to go to school, for women to have accessible daycare for their infants, for local businesses to sell their products globally, and for farmers to grow sustainable, eco-friendly crops.

The Save Elephant Foundation has an ongoing wish list for items that will support the Thailand Cares project. From blankets and pillows to laptops and blackboards, generous donations are greatly appreciated!

Thailand Cares - Save Elephant Foundation

Educational Initiatives

Teaching English in classrooms at village schools is just the beginning of what the Thailand Cares project is doing to improve the educational system in local Thai communities. TLC works to supply schools with current and relevant teaching materials, as well as stocking the classrooms with the supplies necessary to teach the eager, young minds. Outside of the classroom, the project aims to raise awareness of the plight of the Asian elephant, and how local communities can help improve the situation.

Family Support

Often, in order to support their families and put food on the table, mothers with infants and newborn babies work long hours each day and bring their children with them. Without full supervision, accidents happen and they’re sometimes fatal. The Thailand Cares project is helping these women and their families by opening daycare centers, where children can have fun and stay safe.
Thailand Cares - Save Elephant Foundation

Free Trade Business

With the help of the Save Elephant Foundation and its global reach, the Thailand Cares project connects local shop owners in small Thai villages with consumers from around the world. From clothing to crafts to crops, community businesses receive fair market value for their goods, customers receive high quality products, and the future of the Asian elephant improves as small proceeds from each purchase supports Save Elephant Foundation.

Eco-Friendly Agriculture

In Thailand, one of the major cash crops is bananas. Unfortunately, banana trees require full sun, so farmers looking to take advantage of this profitable fruit must first clear their land of other trees. This, of course, destroys the habitat of the Asian elephant. Thailand Cares is working with local farmers and helping them harvest more environmentally friendly and sustainable crops, such as coffee, which grows in the shade and can be planted in the existing jungle.

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