We have so many dogs here that would love to have a loving home. This page will give you all the information about the process and the involved costs. It will be mainly split into 2 different regional areas – the U.K. and the E.U. on one side and Canada and the U.S. on the other. If you are from another part of the world, please just inquire with us and we will find out about regulations. Please note that we don’t fly our dogs to Australia or New Zealand as the quarantine regulations are very strict and we don’t want our dogs to be in quarantine for a long period of time.

Please contact us using this form if you have any questions regarding the adoption process or are interested in adopting a particular dog.

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The process – the basics step by step:

    • Fill out ourapplication form and send it to dogproject@saveelephant.org or hand it to Sabrina. You find copies of the form here in this booklet and you can also download it (http://www.saveelephant.org/dogproject/adopt-a-rescued-dog/)
    • After approval submit the first payment
    • Your chosen dog will be microchipped (for the U.K. and Europe also vaccinated – please note: all our dogs are vaccinated anyway, but the E.U. and U.K. require for them to be microchipped before their vaccination)
    • For the U.S. and Canada:If you can’t take the dog with you yourself, we start looking for flight volunteers. As soon as we found one the second payment is due. We buy a crate, bring the dog to the animal quarantine to get all their paperwork done and they are good to go. Your new family member is almost home and will be waiting for you at the airport for pickup!
    • For the U.K. and E.U.:30 days after the vaccination a blood sample will be taken and sent to a laboratory in the E.U. (rabies antibody test). The results come back and providing they are positive* the dog can fly out 3 months after the blood sample was taken. Already during the waiting period we start looking for flight volunteers, as soon as we found one the second payment is due. We buy a crate, bring the dog to the animal quarantine to get all their paperwork done and they are good to go. Your new family member is almost home and will be waiting for you at the airport for pickup!

    * Please note: we hardly have any dogs that fail the test, but in case it does happen the process has to be started all over again and an additional fee of USD 90,- applies for re-taking the blood sample.

How long does it take?

For the U.S. and Canada: maybe you can even take the dog back yourself! If not, then as soon as we find a flight volunteer. For the U.K. and E.U.: a minimum of 4 months. Of course it all depends on how quickly we are able to find a flight volunteer, which also depends on the location you are in. For example San Francisco will usually be a lot easier than Calgary. In general we can say that we have a lot of people coming through the park and that we did some major improvements on how to make people aware of the fact that we need flight volunteers, so it should all go quite quickly in the future. Please note that it has to be a bigger international airport.

Package rates

As America and Europe have different requirements we also have different package rates for the 2 areas. The rates include basically everything – the microchip, vaccination, blood sample (for Europe), crate, deworming, animal quarantine fee, transfers and flight. We also have a package rate excluding the flight for cases where the owners come and pick up the dogs themselves or provide their own flight volunteer.

Rate for U.S. and Canada:           550 USD (first payment: 250 USD)**

Excl. flight:                                 260 USD

Rate for U.K. and Europe:           640 USD (first payment: 350 USD)

Excl. flight:                                 350 USD

* those are new rates for all adoptions starting after the 20th of April 2016. Due to a new licensed on-site vet and a new partner for the blood sample it was possible to reduce our rates.

** Canada charges about 50 CAD upon arrival in Canada

IMPORTANT for the U.K.: we will fly the dogs to Paris and the dog needs to be picked up from there (it’s supposed to be very beautiful, you could combine it with a short holiday?). The U.K. doesn’t allow dogs to fly with flight volunteers as extra luggage but just as cargo, which is very expensive. This is why every rescue organization is taking this way instead. From Paris you can drive (4-5 hours to London) or take a ferry from Calais to Dover. These expenses are not included in the rate but we will of course advise you on costs and travel route.

IMPORTANT for the rest of Europe: as we generally have more people here from the U.S. and Canada it may take a little longer to find a flight volunteer to your destination.

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